Artificial Intelligence in the management of Head and Neck cancer patients
a global survey
by Head and Neck Tumor Board of Humanitas Research Hospital, Milan (Italy)
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) projects have greatly expanded in recent years in different fields and across various disciplines, including Head and Neck (H&N) oncology. Our goal is to conduct a comprehensive survey of all the professional figures involved in the management of H&N cancer, to assess the acceptance and attitudes toward AI in clinical and research practice and to identify factors associated with its usage. The following survey was designed to shed some lights on AI in H&N cancer treatment, by allowing us to gather some statistics about the ways experts are using AI, and how well they actually understand AI tools and their potentials in H&N cancer patients' management. Results of this survey will be reported in a scientific paper and, if you would like to specify your full name and that of the Organization to which you belong , we will include you in the "Contributing Authors" list. If you don't wish to be in the list, you can still complete the survey without giving your details. Your answers will be anonymous.
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