High Holiday Trivia
Elul For All Challenge announced Thursday, August 27

We are aware that you are completing this trivia challenge while online and having access to the internet, and don't mind if you use any means necessary to come up with the correct answers...
What is your name?
What is your team name? *
What does Rosh Hashanah translate to in English? *
What another hebrew name for the New Year holiday that also emphasizes the sounding of the horn. *
What is the name of the trumpet that is made out of a Ram's horn? *
What is the name of the longest of the four sounds (hint it is a BIG job to do it in one breath) *
What is the name of the month in the Hebrew calendar that begins the new year? *
Which Hebrew year are we about to begin, 2020-2021? *
What is the name of the prayer book that we use especially on the High Holidays (hint: it is not a Siddur) *
What do we dip for a sweet new year? *
What special shape do we make challah into, that is symbolic for the new year *
What is the metaphoric imagery of our hope for good things to happen to us. God will write us in this... *
What is the practice of throwing a symbol for sins into water and watching them float away *
What is the hebrew phrase for returning, repentance, and making repairs *
What is the hebrew word you can say to mean that you are sorry *
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