Please share your vision of the ideal scientific enterprise!
The goal of this survey is to sketch out a utopian view of what an ideal, sustainable research enterprise might look like. We would like to incorporate perspectives from many sectors and stakeholders, so please share this form widely. Responses are anonymous, but will be shared and published.

Responses of all lengths - including just a word or two - will be very much appreciated.

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What is the biggest problem facing the way science is conducted today?
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What behaviors should be encouraged in scientists?
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What does ideal scientific training look like?
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What should be the purpose of government funding for science?
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The NIH has lost approximately 25% of its purchasing power over the last 10 years.* Should the scientific workforce (ie, make-up of the labor force: grad students, postdocs, senior scientists, etc) adapt to this change, and if so, how?
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