The Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark Submission
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1. In part 1 you were to list facts about the Louisiana Purchase. Copy and paste your facts from your livebinder into the box below. *
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2. Who did Thomas Jefferson send to France to represent the United States? *
3. From which nation below did the United States purchase the Louisiana Territory? *
4. Which of the important cities below did Jefferson wish to control? *
5. How much money did the United States pay for the Louisiana Purchase? *
6. In part 2 of the assignments you were to list the modern day states found withing the Louisiana Purchase. List them in the box below. *
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7. Which of the following men led the Corp of Discovery across the Louisiana Purchase? *
8. Which of the following Native Americans assisted the Corp of Discovery? *
9. Where did the Corp of Discovery end their expedition?
10. In part 4 of the assignment you were to write a journal entry. Copy and paste the journal entry from your livebinder into the box below.
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