VBC Teen Volunteer Application
Incoming 9th graders to graduating Seniors are invited to volunteer as leaders for Vacation Bible Camp this summer.

Youth Volunteers will be required to attend at least 3 training sessions and "Keeping Children Safe for Teens" if necessary.

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Positions Needed:
Please select the TOP 3 position choices that most interest you. Descriptions are below. Please note that your selections will be taken into consideration for placement, however we cannot guarantee you a particular position. We will place you in positions as needed for the best Roar! VBC experience for all! Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!
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If you selected "Station Assistant Leader", please select the Station(s) you would like to assist with. Select as many as you would like:
Position Descriptions
Crew Leaders
• Friend and helper
• Someone who can draw kids into discussion as much as possible
• Someone who offers kids choices
• Someone who encourages children and
• Someone who helps and encourages the Station Leaders

Musician: (Both Musicians and Vocalists)
• Someone who is willing to learn the music ahead of time
• Someone who is enthusiastic about teaching music to the kids: leading them in song and teaching them the motions

Assistant Station Leader: (No more than 2 volunteers per station are required)
• Someone who will assist the station Leaders in setting up and cleaning up after each crew
• Someone who is friendly and ready to help the crewmembers and campers

Spotlight Photographer/Videographer:
• Someone with previous photo taking experience
• Someone who is willing to take instruction and guidance to ensure that memories are well recorded
• Someone who is friendly, outgoing and willing to make people smile.

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