SACS Confidentiality Agreement

Students attending St. Andrew Catholic School have the right to expect that information about them will be kept confidential by ALL employees, volunteers, student interns, student teachers, substitutes, and employees of independent contractors. Additionally, the U.S. Congress has addressed the privacy-related concerns of educators, parents, and students by enacting the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (known more commonly as FERPA). Among other provisions, FERPA allows the government to withdraw federal or state funds from any educational institution, including St. Andrew Catholic School, which disseminates a student's education records without his or her parent's consent. Education records include but are not limited to behavior, grades, academic ability, observations, and interactions with other children.

- Each student with whom you work has the right to expect that nothing that happens to him or her will be repeated to anyone other than authorized school employees, as designated by the administrators at each school. Even when discussing a student with those who are directly involved in a student's education, such as teacher, principal, or guidance counselor, you man not share otherwise confidential information with them unless it is relevant to the student's education growth, safety, or well-being.

- You man not share information regarding a student even with others who are genuinely interested in the student's welfare, such as parents, volunteers, social workers, scout leaders, clergy, or healthcare professionals. You must refer all such questions to the school employees authorized to do so, typically the student's teacher or principal. The only exception is in the event of an urgent medical emergency, in which confidential information may be necessary for a student's medical care.

- Parents, friends, or community members may in good faith ask you questions about a particular student. Again,
you must refer all such questions to an authorized school employee. You may not share information about a student even with the members of your own family or the student's family. Sharing information refers to but is not limited to calling, texting, face-timing, and Facebook messaging.

- Before you speak, always remember that violating a student's confidentiality isn't just disrespectful, it is against the law.
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Confidentiality Agreement Acknowledgement
As an employee, volunteer, student intern, student teacher, or substitute for St. Andrew Catholic School, I agree to never disclose information about a student's records to anyone other than an authorized school employee. I will refer all requests for such information from those not directly involved in the student's education to an authorized school employee. I understand that if I violate this agreement, my privileges to work or volunteer at St. Andrew Catholic School will be revoked.
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