Food Photography: Want to Be Better?
Hey guys! I'm considering putting together an e-book or video course to teach you how to take better food photos. If you have 5 minutes to take this quiz, it would really help me out! Thank you! ❤️Please feel free to share it with your fellow food photo friends. 😉
How good do you think your current food photos are?
Not very good
I take food photos...
What do you use to take your food photos?
How motivated are you to take better food photos?
What's your biggest challenge when it comes to taking food photos?
Your answer
Have you ever taken photography lessons (in general)?
Have you ever watched photography tutorial videos on YouTube, etc?
If you have watched tutorial videos, what kind / what did you learn and did it help you?
Your answer
Where do you share your food photos?
Would you be interested in doing a food photography challenge where we can virtually do lessons on the same dates and share photos, get tips, etc. through a private Facebook group?
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How would you best learn how to take better food photos?
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