Bellingen Riverwatch 2022 Volunteer Survey
We are so grateful that you choose to volunteer with Bellingen Riverwatch!

We listen to your feedback intently and work hard to shape this program based on what we hear. Many of the events, new program arms and program refinements that you see in the program today have come from volunteer feedback

Please fill out this survey to help us direct and improve upon this incredible program into the future.

This survey closes on midnight Wednesday September 28th. Complete it before it closes to go in the draw to win a $100 Bello Local Gift Card!

Thank you again for being a part of the BR family!!

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Volunteer Details
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Working with Children Check Number (if you have one)
Do you identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander?
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Do you do any other volunteering in the community?
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Do you have a background in science?
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How do you prefer to be contacted about BR news and updates? *
How do you like to be informed about the data?
Participation in Bellingen Riverwatch
Help us understand what drew you to Bellingen Riverwatch and the impacts of this program.
How long have you been involved in Bellingen Riverwatch? (approx)
Have you been assigned a site? *
Do you feel like you require any extra training or support? *
(Optional) What made you want to find out more about Bellingen Riverwatch and become a volunteer?
(Optional) What is/has been your favourite part or highlight of being involved in Bellingen Riverwatch?
(Optional) What do these rivers mean to you?
(Optional) What have you learned from participating in this project?
(Optional) How has being a part of this program influenced you to think about your natural environment?
Do you feel like you have learnt any of the following skills being a part of Bellingen Riverwatch? *
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Do you feel more connected with your environment as a result of participating in Bellingen Riverwatch? *
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Do you feel that you understand more about your local environment as a result of participating in Bellingen Riverwatch? *
(Optional) Do you have any questions for the Bellingen Riverwatch Steering Committee partners?
We would like to work towards a Zoo zoom visit... which day / time would suit you best?
(to visit the baby turtles and the zookeepers in the zoo)
Feedback for Bellingen Riverwatch
What are your thoughts about the possible development of a BR app to enter wqm and macro data
How satisfied are you with your current participation in Bellingen Riverwatch? *
Not at all
Very satisfied
This year we launched out support volunteer program which sees BR volunteers, Cass, Helen and Henare, rotating and visiting you at your site about once a year to check in, have a chat and answer any questions you might have and gather suggestions for how to improve the program and enjoy the lovely site you test every month with you. Have you had a support vol session yet?
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If you have had a support vol visit please give us some feedback 
For our Bellingen Riverwatch events, we have been holding them primarily on Sundays. Does this work for you? Is there a day you would prefer?
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Is there anything Bellingen Riverwatch could do better?
Do you have any other comments or feedback for the BR team?
Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to complete and return this survey. Your answers are important to us and will be kept confidential.
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