Pitch Letter Template for Travel
Please fill out this form to request your template letter and submit fee of $25 using the PayPal link at the bottom of this form. The letter you will receive can be used to submit to hotels, theme parks, and attractions to secure complimentary tickets, stays or reduced media rates. You can feel free to change around the offerings listed in it depending on the needs of the brand and yourself.

About Me: My name is Krystel Spell and I am the creator of ArmyWife101.com, a popular lifestyle blog for military spouses. I make my entire living off of pitching and blogging. I am also Director of Influencer campaigns at SoFluential.com and pitch and secure large scale campaigns all the time. The last travel opps I pitched allowed me to stay in FL all week on the grounds of Disney, a 4 bedroom town home, and a condo. All of the travel I have done with my family in the last 4 years has been through my blog and pitches. We have not paid for anything out of pocket with the exception of gas.

Will I definitely get a yes with this letter: First rule of pitching is to never guarantee anything, but I am fairly certain you will see some success with my email.

Current Wait Time is 3 weeks

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