2019 IoT Startups Program
This intake form is for startups who wish to take part in the KConfs startup program. Benefits include:


-Free passes to all events run by KConfs, LLC - exposure and networking to a highly technical audience with connections all over the country, as well as top tech sponsoring brands including Google, Amazon, Microsoft and others.
-Material of your choice displayed to all attendees of KConfs, LLC events throughout the calendar year which key industries and sector; IoT, Retail, Med & Healthcare, Agtech, Security, Energy, Infrastructure, and Manufacturing.
-Display opportunities in key areas at each conference w


-Must be a registered company, less than 50 employees.
-Must be actively trying to build a startup, meaning a enterprise with scaling potential
-Must be within the Internet of Things space - this may have wide interpretation. Examples include:

Hardware, video recognition, networking, cloud services geared toward sensors, IoT security or automation and control or general IoT architecture.  All industries and sectors are welcome.


Free - need to meet requirements above.

For any questions, please email patrick@kconfs.com

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