2017 Dealer Waiting List Signup
We've currently run out of space in our Dealers room for this year!
But life happens. Sometimes some dealers that previously thought they could attend find out that they can't, and that opens up a slot. And while we can't guarantee that this will happen, we have a plan!

1) Register for What The Fur as a normal attendee. Once you've done this, we will send you an invoice for the basic membership fee.
2) Pay the basic membership fee. This will confirm that you will indeed be attending What The Fur 2017.
3) Fill in THIS form. We'll need a few things answered before we can officially add you to the list. Some of the information required on this form includes information you provided on your registration, as well as your invoice number so that we can confirm that everything is in order.

And that's it! You'll be added to the waiting list, and as soon as we have an open spot, we'll send you information as well as another invoice if you are still interested to cover the remaining balance! And, once that's paid, you're in!

Simple, eh?

So go and register for the convention. Don't worry - this form will be here when you get back.
But if you have any questions, send them on to dealers@whatthefur.ca and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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