Should We Have More Recess?
Mrs. Clay is thinking about making your recess time longer!!!! She has asked that students come up with some good reasons why we should have a longer recess. Let's watch the video below and see if we can come up with some good reasons together. After we have watched the video and brainstormed together, you are going to go to your seats and submit some of your ideas to Mrs. Clay. Good luck and let's keep our fingers crossed!
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Kids Need More Recess! By:Simon Link
Now let's watch the video below to help us get some ideas to persuade Mrs. Clay.
Which three of the Simon's reasons for a longer recess did you like the most?
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Reason 2
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Take a second to try and come up with a reason of your own. Write your reason below.
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EXTENSION: Do you think that Simon did a good job persuading us to make recess longer?
Why do you think this?
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