Greenwood Aikido: New Student Application
We accept a limited number of new students. Aikido is a fascinating and challenging endeavor. It demands a high degree of commitment. Students are expected to train consistently and to represent the ideals and philosophy of Aikido in their practice and their life. Students must maintain their health to the best of their ability with a good diet and fitness habits that support their Aikido training. We accept only adult students age 18 or older.

We currently focus training on individual skills. This includes individual Aikido skills and conditioning, bokken (sword) and jo (staff) and iaido. We honor social distancing at all times, but as training is held in an open air setting no masks are required at this time. If you are ever feeling ill or have a known exposure we expect you to respect the class and not attend. Our dojo is outdoors and covered so training continues in rain or sun.

֍ Classes for new students are on Wednesday 7-8pm and Friday 7-8pm
֍ Organize your personal and professional life in order to train regularly
֍ Maintain your health and fitness levels to the best of your ability
֍ Respect the space and health of fellow students

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