Shake Up Learning Show Student Pre-Interview Questions
Thank you so much for your interest in being a student guest on The Shake Up Learning Show! I am so excited to talk with you and share your student experience with educators around the world.

In order to help us select the best candidants and prepare for the interview, please take a moment to complete this form.

We will connect and record audio only using a web-based program called Zencastr. You will not need to download anything to your computer. I will send you a link to connect a few minutes before our scheduled recording time.

We only need 30-45 minutes of your time.
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Please share the email address of the student's parent of guardian. (If under the age of 18)
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Student Question: What do you like about school? *
Student Question: What do you want to change about school? *
Student Question: What do you wish your teachers knew about you? *
Student Question: What kind of student are you? *
Student Question: What do grades mean to you? *
Student Question: How often do you get to use technology in your classes? (like computers, tablets, iPads, cell phones, or other devices) *
Student Question: What kind of tasks do you do at school with technology or computers? *
Think about the assignments you do at school and what kinds of things you do with the technology you have. Do you do research, watch videos, access lessons, write, create presentations, or create other types of things?
Student Question: If you still had to go to school every day, but you could learn anything you wanted, what would you want to learn? *
Do you have permission from your parent or guardian to be a guest on The Shake Up Learning Show? *
You must have parent permission if you are under 18 years old. A verification email will also be sent to your parent.
What is a topic about school or school technology that you would like to discuss? *
Maybe a certain project the student really enjoyed in class, a teacher who did something different that helped him/her learn--something that can help teachers better understand students.
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Is there anything else you would like to share with me or ask?
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