British Library Labs Awards 2019 Entry Form
Please use this online form to enter your work for the British Library Labs Awards 2019.

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Personal Information
If there is more than one of you submitting a project or work, please ensure you separate your details with a semicolon, e.g.:

name(s): John Smith; Lisa Owens
affiliation(s): University College London; Bristol University
job title(s): PhD Researcher; Software Developer
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Category for submission
The annual British Library Labs Awards recognises outstanding work that uses the British Library's digital collections in four key areas:

A research project or activity which shows the development of new knowledge about the British Library's digital content, research methods, or tools.

An artistic or creative endeavour which inspires, stimulates, amazes and provokes.

A project that delivers or develops commercial value which could be in the context of new products, tools, or services that build on, incorporate, or enhance the British Library's digital content.

Teaching / Learning
A project created in a teaching and/or learning context that shows how the British Library’s digital content or data has been used to provide quality learning experiences to learners of any age and ability.
In which category are you submitting your entry? *
Please note you can submit your project description in more than one category
Assessment Criteria
The research question, problem or challenge you were trying to address *
Please ensure you describe clearly the research question, problem or challenge that your project addresses
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Please explain the extent your project or work showcased British Library digital content *
Please ensure you include details of British Library digital collections your project has showcased. A sample can be found at Please feel free to reference any other digital content you have also used
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Please provide details of the sorts of impact your project has made *
For example, has your project led to further funding, generated income, generated publicity, attracted large audiences to see your work, resulted in conference papers or other publications?
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Please detail the approach(es) or method(s) you used to implement your project / work *
Indicate and describe any research methods, processes, techniques and approaches you have used, e.g. text mining, visualisations, statistical analysis etc
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Please provide some brief background information about you or your team *
Please give a list, with dates and links if you have them, of publications or relevant work you or members of your team may have done
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Please provide a brief description of any challenges the project faced and how you tried to overcome them *
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