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ELiTE’s Harlem programs emphasize hands-on problem solving as a means to better understand core topics and relationships in engineering and science, as well as to address local issues and to enrich the growth of young thinkers and leaders. To this end, classes will include experimentation, student-led discussions, and comprehensive design projects. Topics taught include, but are not limited to Lego Robotics(MS), Web Development(MS), Physical Computing (MS), Intro and AP Computer Science (HS), Arduino Electronics (HS), and Intro to Engineering (HS). ELiTE supports 6th- 12th grade students and operates classes Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:30 pm.
Receive coaching, mentorship, and exclusive access to summer internship opportunities in tech, consulting, and education from ELiTE’s corporate partners.
Gain valuable leadership experience by managing groups of students as they complete experiment-based lessons in engineering and science!
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