How do you pray?
In 2018 Pew estimated there were roughly 50 million Catholic adults living in the United States. That's a lot of Catholics—and we don't all practice our faith in the same ways. From daily Mass to meditation and even yoga, there are many ways to pray.

How do you pray? U.S. Catholic wants to know.

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1. I pray . . .
2. The people I most like to pray with are . . .
3. The place I most like to pray is . . .
4. I like to pray with . . .
5. I attend Mass . . .
6. I read scripture outside of Mass.
7. I am part of a bible study group.
8. I discuss my faith beliefs openly with others.
9. I attend Mass on all the holy days of obligation.
10. I’m interested in the spiritual practices of faiths outside of Catholicism.
11. I have engaged in a spiritual practice of another faith tradition.
12. My favorite spiritual practices are: (check all that apply)
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