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Thanks for your interest in contributing to MusiCounts' new blog series. The goal here is to create a conversation whereby teachers and parents can share tactics and ideas, and learn from each other.

In submitting this form, we just want to know a little bit about you, and your general idea for your blog entry. Once you submit this, we'll be sure to follow up with more specific information on how to move ahead with this.

Some broad ideas/concepts to consider for your entry:

- What can parents do to keep their kids engaged with music-making at home?
- What tools are you using to help facilitate remote music education? What works, and what doesn't?
- How are you going about moving your music class online? What are the important considerations? What have you learned so far?
- What is the biggest challenge you're facing as an educator right now, and what are your tactics for addressing this?
- How can teachers and/or parents engage students with music education experiences who have limited internet access at home?

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