Attending university in China Questionnaire!
In order to try and encourage more students to come study in China, we are collecting information from past students about their experience studying at Chinese universities.

This should take less than one minute to finish, but we appreciate any more time you are willing to spend on it!

Which university did you attend in China?
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What did you study there?
If you completed a degree program, what subject was it in?
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Would you recommend your university to others?
Would you recommend your course to others?
How would you rate the quality of teaching?
How would you rate the quality of the dorms?
To be avoided!
As expected, no complaints.
How would you rate the university facilities in general?
To be avoided!
As expected, no complaints.
How would you rate the social/night life?
Outrageously good
How would you rate your overall experience studying in China?
Complete waste of time!
Valuable and worthwhile experience!
Could you mention a few positives about the university/course you attended?
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Is there any particular information future students should know in advance about your university or course?
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Do you think studying in China has given you a more global perspective?
Not really
Yes, definitely
What did you enjoy most about your time in China?
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How difficult was it to find a job after graduating?
Very Difficul
What did you enjoy least about your university experience in China?
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What is you nationality?
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What year did you study in China?
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Thank you for your time in filling out this form! We look forward to helping as many students as possible come out to study in China.
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