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Always wears gloves and washes hands every hours. *
Stays in position and immediately responds to orders on screen. *
Follows 2 sandwiches at a time. *
Demonstrates knowledge of all product builds including wraps and salads plus all day breakfast. *
Uses dedicated utensils for assembly. Never uses fingers to grab product out of UHC. *
Separate tongs for Beef, Chicken and filet.
Discards old product from cabinet. Never resets timers. *
Keeps dress table and floor clean during shift. *
Keeps area stocked during shift. Marks product with date stickers (cheese and sauces). Makes sure we have enough pulled out and follows chart. *
Serves off orders from KVS when the cabinet person pulls sandwiches. *
Clean sink, mirrors, door handles, wall under hand dryer. Refill TP and hand soap. Empty trash. Checks restrooms every 20 minutes.
Grill Slips
Proper use of grill stickers. Wrap boxes. Place next to wrappers *
Uses Sandwich Sleeves for large Sandwiches *
If it isn't right don't serve it. *
Slides into HLZ - NO slamming. *
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