2019 Austin IT Executive of the Year Nomination Form
Below is the nomination criteria and form to nominate an individual for the 2019 IT Executive Awards, given out at InnoTech Austin on November 19, 2019. Winners and finalists will be recognized from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at InnoTech.

The deadline to submit entries is October 25, 2019. Good luck!

Nomination Criteria:
A nominee must be a current, senior information technology executive/CIO in an Austin area company. The basis for recognition is leadership in the use of information technology within an organization. This leadership should be demonstrated through one or more of the following accomplishments:

• Creativity - A strengthening of the competitive position of an organization's product or service through the creative use of information technology.

• Impact - An increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization through the use of information technology.

• Innovation - Creation of a new system, technology, or application of IT that is unique and/or market-leading.

• Process Transformation - A significant transformation of business processes to improve customer service or vendor relationships.

• Leadership – Excellence in leadership skills and execution in the eyes of the IT staff and the executive management of the organization.

Please fill in the nominee's information below.
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1) Please share 3 important contributions that your nominee has made for his/her company over the past 2 years. One might focus on project completions, implementations or transformations. *
Consider aspects such as Creativity, Impact, Innovation, Process Transformation, and Leadership. Please provide subjective and objective information where possible.
2) Please share 1 or 2 key Community Service contributions they have made during the past 2 years. Either internally with the organization or externally in the community. *
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