Raising Bright Sparks Thursday February 4, 2016 19h15-22h00
Raising Bright Sparks/ Gifted Children
Thursday February 4, 2016
Location: Paris, 75016, near Radio France

RSVP is mandatory and closes on February 1. Space is limited to 15 adults. Event held at a private residence.

LOCATION: Paris 75016, (located not far from Maison Radio France.)

PARTICIPATION FEE: 5€ for GiF and Message Members, 10€ for non-members
(Payment must be sent in advance, to Gifted in France, 39 ave de Versailles, 75016)
GiF is an association loi 1901)


Description: Abilities, temperament, thinking, behaviour, provisions, opportunities and friendship patterns interact to influence children’s choices, motivation and achievement. Parents with an understanding of the dynamic of talent development and their child’s social and emotional needs are best able to support, guide and nurture their “bright sparks”, or gifted children.

Parenting gifted children can be extremely challenging. As parents, we need to know how we can:

Identify our child’s strengths and nurture talents
Understand our child’s abilities and meet their needs
Promote achievement while ensuring children are healthy, happy and confident
Support children to manage stressors and become resilient when they encounter difficulties
Guide children through the delicate balance of fitting in and standing out
Help our “bright sparks” to become independent; to develop the characteristics and work habits that enable them to achieve


Michele Juratowitch draws on research and her many years’ experience working with children, parents and teachers in schools and through her private practice to explore the challenges involved in parenting gifted children.

Michele is Director of Clearing Skies and provides a range of services to support high-ability children, their families and schools in Australia. She provides counselling for high-ability children, adolescents and adults; develops programmes for students; conducts parenting courses; writes books and articles about talent development; develops resources and programs for gifted children; conducts research and is a frequent presenter at schools, universities and conferences. She lectured in a postgraduate course for teachers at the Gifted Education Research, Resource and Information Centre (GERRIC) at the University of New South Wales; consults with and provides professional development in schools; and served on a number of educational advisory committees. Michele was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the counselling and intervention needs of gifted children and their families.

Gifted in France is a loi 1901 non-profit association. GiF does not endorse speakers or their material, but aims to provide a wide variety of ideas and discussions about the gifted and twice exceptional population.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to email Helen at giftedinfrance@gmail.com.
Feel free to invite your partner, friends, teachers, mental health providers to this meeting as long as RSVP deadline is respected and space is available.

Kind regards,

Helen Sahin Connelly

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