BBBR / BBDR / BBR Foster Contract
Boise Bully Breed Rescue / Boise Black Dog Rescue / Boxer Rescue of Boise

Please answer all questions and initial each item under the acknowledgement section. Please indicate with which rescue (or both) you would like to foster. PLEASE NOTE: Incomplete applications will not process; please be sure to provide an answer to all required questions.
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How did you hear about Boise Bully Breed Rescue / Boise Black Dog Rescue / Boxer Rescue of Boise?
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Name of the dog you would like to foster: *
What are your reasons for wanting to become a foster? *
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Do you have any other pets? *
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If renting/leasing, do you have the landlord's permission to own a dog? *
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Are you planning to move in the next six months? *
Do you have homeowner's/renter's insurance? *
If so, what company? *
What will happen to this dog when you go on vacation or in case of an emergency? *
How many hours during the average day will your foster dog be without a human? *
Where will this dog be kept during the day? *
Where will this dog be kept at night? *
Where will the dog be kept when you are not at home? *
Do you have a fully fenced yard with no fence gaps and a secure gate? *
If you do have a fence, how tall is the fence and of what material is it made?
How many adults are in your household? *
Please provide the FIRST and LAST name of each adult living in your household. *
Are there any children in your household? *
If yes, how many and what are their ages?
Do any family members have allergies to pets? *
Do you have any experience with bully breeds? *
If yes, please describe your experience:
Boise Bully Breed Rescue / Boise Black Dog Rescue will do a home visit as a part of the foster evaluation. Is this agreeable to you? *
Please read and initial each statement.

I hereby acknowledge receiving the above-described dog(s).
I understand that the dog(s) shall remain the sole property of BBBR / BBDR. The rescue reserves the right to reclaim the dog(s) at any time. *
I agree to return said dog(s) if I am no longer able to care adequately for them and try to give as much notice as possible. *
I agree to provide the dog(s) with good and loving care, including but not limited to food, water, shelter & medication when required. *
I agree to let BBBR / BBDR know if there is any change in the health of the dog and will get clearance before I get any vet or emergency care for my foster dog. I will check my foster dog regularly for any signs of illness. *
I understand & acknowledge that I do not have any right or authority to keep or place foster dogs in other homes or with other individuals. *
I understand this includes any pet/house sitters, dog walkers, or any other individuals coming into/onto my property to see/care for the dog with or without me present. *
I understand that said dog(s) will be available for adoption during the time in my foster care, unless otherwise stated above. I agree to allow the dog(s) to be viewed by potential adopters with adequate notice. *
I understand that as the foster, I have the first right of adoption of any dog(s) in my care when adoptive homes are available. *
I understand & acknowledge that I am responsible for all general expenses incurred as a result of fostering a dog. *
I understand & acknowledge the BBBR / BBDR cannot guarantee or be held responsible for the health, behavior or temperament of dog(s) that I may foster. I understand that BBBR / BBDR does not make any warranty or guaranty as to the demeanor, health, temperament, or pedigree of any animal. I expressly release and hold harmless BBBR / BBDR from any and all liability for loss, injury, or damage caused by any animal to any person or property, and that I will assume any such risk of loss by fostering any animal. *
I understand that my foster volunteer position can be terminated at any time at the sole discretion of BBBR / BBDR. *
I agree to provide updates regarding my foster dog's behavior and progress for the postings of the ads for adoption. *
As a foster I agree to provide nutritious meals, fresh water, grooming, a safe environment, and appropriate shelter for this foster dog. *
I agree NOT to take my dog to doggie daycares or dog parks. I agree to keep my dog on leash at all times when outside of the home or yard. *
I will not leave my foster dog tied up, especially when unattended. I will never leave my foster dog unattended in a vehicle when it is 75 degrees or hotter, even with the windows rolled down. I understand that this can cause heat stroke and the death of a dog. *
I agree to arrange my family’s schedule so that the dog is seldom left alone for more than eight hours at a stretch. If you have to go away for more than eight hours and do not have someone to take care of the foster dog at home, BBBR / BBDR can also help arrange temporary care with adequate notice. *
I agree to play with, pet and give attention to my foster dog when I am home. *
I will closely supervise my foster dog when around children, other dogs and cats. *
I understand that BBBR / BBDR does its best to evaluate a dog’s temperament and behavior. BBBR / BBDR is concerned about the health of the animals in its care and exercises due caution to prevent the transmission of diseases. Unless I am notified otherwise, the animals I foster will have been given preventive immunizations. However, because of the dire circumstances from which many of the rescue animals come, any animal may carry or could have already been exposed to an infectious disease, which may not be apparent for several days. I have determined for myself the animal is acceptable for me and my household to foster, and I agree to indemnify and hold BBBR, BBDR, BBBR / BBDR volunteers and other BBBR / BBDR representatives harmless for any illness the animal may develop and any injury or damage this foster dog may cause once I have taken possession of the animal. *
I agree and understand that I will assume any and all liability for the foster dog while the dog is within my care. If any legal proceeding is brought against me and/or the rescue due to an incident while the foster dog was in my care, I agree to take steps to ensure the rescue is released from any suit and found not liable for any outcome. *
I have read, understand and agree to all terms laid out in this contract. *
Please type the full name(s) of the person(s) entering into this contract and today's date *
You may be asked to sign a hard copy of this agreement.
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