Beyond Basics Intro to the Gym & Strength Training
For beginner and intermediate exercisers. Have someone hold your hand as you visit the gym for the first time and learn the basics of strength training from a certified personal trainer and group instructor. These are not group classes, but exercise and machine demos and more good stuff. You don't have to do anything but watch and listen 🙂
This is also for those of you who have worked out for some time but would like some tips to improve a move such as your squat or deadlift.
First evening is FREE if you've never been to the gym or if you are a Beyond Basics gym member. For the rest of you, it will be only $5. We look forward to seeing you soon! Feel free to bring a friend.

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When: Thursday, March 4
Time: 8pm
Where: Beyond Basics Gym
What to Wear: Comfy clothes and socks or clean indoor shoes

*No children please. Breastfed babies welcome.
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Rate your experience with strength training from 1-5. (1 being a complete newbie to 5 being a trainer or strength competitor.) *
What is one health and fitness goal you have, or would like to work toward? *
Is there anything keeping you from your goal such as an injury or lack of knowledge? If yes, what is it? (1-3 word answer or explanation.)
OPTIONAL, BUT WILL HELP CREATE THE MOST SUCCESSFUL EVENING: Have a question you would like answered about strength training or working out the gym? Write it here and I will do my best to have an answer for you at the event. If it's a question that might benefit the group, I will include it in talk or demos. (I will be sure to not mention your name if you let me know it's a sensitive topic or you simply don't want to be pointed out.)
I understand that if I have been to the Beyond Basics Gym before and not a current gym member, I will have to pay $5 upon arrival. (FREE for new to the gym and gym members.) *
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