Lending Your Expertise
We would LOVE your involvement in our work. Connecting the classroom to the world is an important component of District Design 2022. And YOU can help us do that by volunteering your time and expertise. There are many stages in the Design Thinking process. As students experience the stages, there will be times when they'll need to reach out to an expert in the field for assistance.
During the research stage, students identify experts and perform research to understand and learn new information, as well as to answer questions about their identified need.
During the prototyping phase, student designers solicit feedback. Designers bring an open mind and a beginner's mindset of "not knowing" in order to gather both positive and negative feedback to improve their solutions. Experts can help them refine their ideas by providing additional information or brainstorming time.
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We will reach out to you shortly to get more information. We value our community, and look forward to working with you to ignite the genius of all of our students!

Dr. Laura Spencer
Executive Director, Innovation and Design

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