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Thank you for providing information regarding your experience as a North Idaho College student! We are proud to showcase the achievements of our alumni. Please complete the questionnaire below. This will be used to draft a student testimonial. A member of our team will contact you directly for final approval.
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Below you will find questions to assist you in providing your testimonial. These questions have been provided to assist you in framing your NIC experience. Using the questions as a guide, please draft responses as they relate to your experience. Questions that are not applicable do not require a response.
In which program did you enroll?
Why did you select this program?
What were the positive attributes you noticed regarding your coursework and your instructors?
How did your instructors promote success in the classroom?
What was your overall impression of the environment?
What was the most memorable part of your education?
Was there a specific moment in the classroom or during the application process where you knew you were on a path to your future career?
How do you feel you are better prepared for your future career?
Have you experienced any changes in your current employment thanks to your degree?
Were you able to secure employment in a new field?
Did you transfer to another educational institution after NIC?
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What advice would you offer to current and future students?
What would you tell them to expect as a student at North Idaho College?
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