OBHR Transportation Agreement
I agree to give transportation to a rescued Basset Hound that has been accepted by Oregon Basset Hound Rescued coordinator. I understand that OBHR has no prior knowledge of its health of temperament, and I, therefore, will take all due care to protect myself and others who may come in contact with this dog. I will not hold OBHR responsible for property damage or harm to persons or animals caused by this dog while in my care. I understand that Oregon Basset Hound Rescue will be responsible for all non-emergency veterinary care necessary for this dog while it is in my care ONLY if prior authorization has been given by the rescue coordinator. In case of medical emergency, the dog will be given necessary care, it shall be covered by OBHR, if the coordinator has been notified IMMEDIATELY thereafter. I understand that Oregon Basset Hound Rescue will not be responsible for injury of illness contracted by any dogs not belonging to the rescue service. I agree that the dog(s) I am transporting will not be disposed of in any way without prior approval of Oregon Basset Hound Rescue. I have received a copy of Oregon Basset Hound Rescue's guidelines. I have read them, agree to, and accept them as described. My submission of this form signifies my agreement with the above.
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