Coffice City: The top 10 best cafes for working in your city
Suggest a work-friendly cafe for digital nomads. All the cafes must fulfill the following criteria in order to be listed (Yes! We have high standards!):

📡Hi-speed wifi - Broadband network with 5MB to 50 MB or above

😍 Work-friendly - You had worked there before for 4h or more, and the cafe has no time limits or pressure to reorder or to make space for other customers.

☕️ Coffee - Any average decent coffee or above. I'm there to work, not for leisure.

🚾 Toilet nearby - With drinking coffee and working there for a few hours, having a toilet within premises/nearby is a must.

🔌Sockets - Important if you're working 3-4h or more. And that the cafe is okay with you using it. In some countries/cultures, using the socket might be frowned upon.

🚶 Standing desks - This is optional but preferred.

🔇Mostly quiet - Not blasting music, or full of chatty crowds or kids.

Read more about the criteria and thinking behind Coffice City here:

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