Pakuranga & Howick Bus Network Survey
It is now a year since the Eastern New Network was implemented in December 2017. Since that time bus users have been able to experience the new network and get a feeling for how it has worked. This survey is being collected by Simeon Brown, Member of Parliament for Pakuranga, to get feedback from residents affected by the changes. Feedback will then be presented to Auckland Transport.

All answers provided in this survey are confidential, and will only be used to form part of the total results following the conclusion of the survey. Any questions or concerns can be addressed to
Which bus route(s) do you use on a regular basis? *
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In your experience since the Eastern New Network changes were implemented in December 2017, has the service on your bus route been better or worse? *
What are some of the positive things about the service on your bus route? *
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What are some things that need improvement on your bus route? *
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Have you been negatively impacted by the changes to the school bus service? *
If yes to the previous question, how have you been affected?
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What changes or fixes would you like to see made in our local bus network to improve its efficiency?
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Are there any other comments you would like to add?
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