Student Survey Spring 2019
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What class do you currently attend? / A que clase asistes actualmente?
Have you attended our classes before / As asistido a nuestras clases antes?
If you attended our classes before, what caused you to leave the program? / Si as asistido antes a nuestras clases, que cuaso que dejaras de asistir al programa?
If you left the program because you were dissatisfied with your teacher or the program, why were you dissatisfied? We truly value your feedback. / Si dejaste el programa porque estuviste insatisfecho/a con la maestra o maestro o el programa; proque estuviste insatisfecho/insatisfecha? En verdad nos interesa tu opinion.
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Does your current teacher make the class interesting? / Tu maestra(o) actual hace la clase interesante?
If you answered no, please explain. / Si contestaste que no, por favor explica.
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What methods of instruction does your teacher use? Please check all that apply. Que metodos de ensenanza usa tu maestro? Por favor marca todos los que apliquen.
What is your overall impression of your teacher? / Cual es tu impresion total de tu maestra(o)?
Are you satisfied with your experience in the program thus far? / Estas satisfecha(o) con tu experiencia en el programa?
Do you utilize the Distance Learning Program Burlington English outside of class? Utilizas el Programa de Ensenanza a Larga Distancia Academia de Burlington English fuera de clase?
Does your instructor let class out early? / Tu instructor los deja salir temprano?
Do you feel comfortable asking questions during class time? / Te sientes agusto haciendo preguntas durante la hora de clase?
If you ask a question, are you satisfied with the answers you receive? / Si haces alguna pregunta, estas satisfecha(o) con la respuesta que recibes?
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