2019 HSHS Band Music Scholarship
The HSHS Band Boosters are proud to offer an annual scholarship. The HSHS Band Music Scholarship is in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500). The student must meet the following requirements for eligibility:

*Senior at HSHS
*Plans for further education, post-graduation from HSHS, as a full-time student.
*Current GPA of 3.0 (weighted) or higher, as certified by a HSHS guidance counselor.
*Plans to pursue a Bachelors degree in an area of music (instrumental, business, education, therapy)
*A minimum of three years of instrumental arts experience at HSHS. Consideration will be given for experience at other schools.
*GPA for instrumental arts classes must be 3.5 or higher, as certified by a HSHS guidance counselor.
*Involvement in various areas of the band program to include but not limited to: marching band, concert ensembles, and chamber ensembles. (As this is a music scholarship, participation in the guard program exclusively will not satisfy this requirement.)
*Involvement in outside activities that involve music will be highly taken into consideration. These can include but are not limited to: private lessons on primary and or secondary instrument, community ensembles, and honor ensembles.
*One letter of reference/recommendation from HSHS staff and one letter of reference/recommendation from a community member.

The deadline for submission is Wednesday, May 8, 2019.

The scholarship will be awarded directly to the institution of higher learning once selected by the student after:
*Verification of enrollment from school and
*Verification of declared music major in instrumental, business, education, and/or therapy.
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