2019 End of Year Wildcats Survey
Please take your time filling out our survey. We take your response very seriously and the survey is anonymous. Your answers are shared with our Board members during our December meeting and improvements are made every year based upon your replies. Thank you!

Team your child played for: *
EQUIPMENT - Did your equipment fit properly? *
EQUIPMENT - Were you satisfied with the quality of the equipment? Explain
INSTRUCTION - Do you feel your child learned quality football techniques? *
INSTRUCTION - Were practices well organized? *
INSTRUCTION - How would you suggest instruction to improve?
COACHING - Do you feel the coaches were encouraging and respectful to the players? *
COACHING - Did the coaches display any behaviors which concerned you? Please explain. *
COACHING - Which coaches would you especially like to see return? Please explain.
COACHING - Were there any coaches you would not like to see return? Please explain.
ORGANIZATION - Any suggestions for Spirit Merchandise?
ORGANIZATION - In regards to communication, did the communication work for you? How would you see the communication improve (either on the team or league level)? Please explain.
ORGANIZATION - Did you visit the Anderson Youth Football website? How could we improve the website?
ORGANIZATION - Were you satisfied with the pictures this season? How could we improve the pictures? Please explain.
ORGANIZATION - Any comments on registration, announcements, awards ceremony? Please explain.
ORGANIZATION - Did you volunteer for any of our community events? If yes, which ones do you think we should keep doing? Do you feel the event was well run? If not, what can we do in order to get you to participate in our community involvement? *
ORGANIZATION - How did you hear about Anderson Youth Football? Did you find that means of communication effective? Please explain.
ORGANIZATION - Are you interested in becoming a member of the Anderson Youth Football Board? If so, which skills can you bring to the board? *
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