Mega Minne Multi Indie Mini Arcade Submission
Hi! If you are seeing this form, then you are a Minnesota or Minnesota-ish person that made a game. Sweet.

We are running a popup arcade at Minnebar (, March 25th. Expected attendance is about 1000 people, and we'll be setup in the main concourse there. We'll have four screens showing only locally made independent games.

We'd like to include your game. If you're into that, please include as much detail as you can so we can get it in there.

Ian Fitzpatrick

PS If you are curious how the stuff we are asking here will actually be used, it will be setup in a front-end launcher that will look like this:

Also here is a link to our Minnebar session with a little more info about how the arcade will work:

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Examples: Rad Games LLC Jane Doe @janedonegames Rad Games [Jane Doe]
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We REALLY need this one if at all possible, as it's what we show in the front-end game launcher at the arcade. If your game is text-based or otherwise doesn't trailer well, just note that here.
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Provide MAC DOWNLOAD LINK to your game *
This link will be kept private, it's just so we can install your game. Please make this a Mac version. Sorry, we only have a Mac laptops to run at the event. If your game only runs in a web browser let us know here, and we can set it up to work with the arcade most likely.
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Does your game support XBOX 360 Gamepads? *
If not, it's a little bit of a deal breaker :(. That's the kind of controller we'll have on site. If your game is keyboard our mouse driven, let us know under "other" and we will accommodate.
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