Открытая лекция "Nanocatalysts: synthesis and energy applications", спикер - Anna Klikova (University of Waterloo, Canada)
Лекция пройдет в Химико-биологическом кластере (ул. Ломоносова, 9; ауд. 2320) 15.11.2017 с 15.00 до 16.00

Abstract: As the global population and economic activities grow, our society requires sustainable energy and environmental solutions for carbon dioxide reduction and green production of fuels and feedstocks. Nanoscience allows for the development of transformative technologies for energy and environment, such as the conversion of CO2 into high-value chemicals using renewable electricity, hydrogen production, and other catalytic processes. This talk will cover recent progress in the synthesis of nanostructured materials that are being developed for these technologies, with a primary focus on direct CO2 electroreduction in aqueous solutions. We will also look into the chemistry and physics behind nanocatalyst performance, with an emphasis on the characteristics impacting catalytic behaviour.

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