Oakhurst Neighborhood Association 2018-'19 Survey
ONA is required to periodically review its bylaws and operating procedures. With many new residents moving into the neighborhood, now is a great time to request your feedback on how things are currently handled in ONA. We want to remain a valued, relevant organization for residents.

Please take a few minutes to carefully read and answer the questions below. These reflect some of the issues raised about the workings of ONA. Results will be posted on our website upon closure of the survey, and your feedback will inform future ONA decision-making.

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ONA has an executive committee consisting of elected officers and street representatives. This committee meets as necessary to discuss neighborhood issues. In some cases, especially when urgent action is required, the executive committee has also voted on behalf of the association. What is your preference for voting on neighborhood issues? *
ONA membership is open to all Oakhurst households who pay annual dues of $20. Membership gives residents the right to vote on neighborhood issues and serve on committees. (Note that these dues partially offset the cost of neighborhood events, publication of the Oak Leaflet, and beautification of Oakhurst.) What are your thoughts on ONA dues? *
If you are not an active participant in ONA membership activities, committees, or events, why not?
Traditionally, ONA meetings were held monthly, always on the same day and time. A couple of years ago, the decision was made to alternate between business meetings and social gatherings on a month-by-month basis in an effort to increase participation. What is your preference? *
The Oak Leaflet, the newsletter of the Oakhurst Neighborhood Association, has been printed and hand-delivered to all Oakhurst residents for nearly 40 years. It is expensive to publish the newsletter, but advertising revenue helps to offset that cost. A digital color copy of each edition of the newsletter is also posted at no cost on the ONA website. What is your preference on the format of the newsletter? *
The Oak Leaflet is published monthly. How often do you prefer to receive the newsletter? *
Where do you go for news about neighborhood events, activities, and issues? *
The Oak Leaflet
The ONA Website, www.oakhurstfw.org
Word of Mouth
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