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Our core values - does your business broadly share these? If you like, please tell us more about what's important to you too. *
In brief, can you share your approach to making/producing your products with respect to ethics, design (including circular approaches), provenance, sustainability, and waste? Please share any links to existing information if easier. *
Are your products/services required to meet certain standards, such as mandatory product safety standards under Australian Consumer Law, and are they certified in any way? *
If relevant, is your product packaging and delivery packaging recyclable or made from recycled materials? Do you minimise it? (Please choose all that apply). *
How certain are you that your inputs, operations and distribution methods are all operating within the laws of your applicable jurisdictions? *
Do you have a positive approach to diversity and inclusion, pay your employees a fair wage, and pay your fair share of taxes, in the right place and at the right time? *
Does your business support any causes or community projects? *
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