Beyond Consent Collaboration (BC2) Application: Due at 10pm on February 9th
Have you been following the #MeToo or #TimesUp campaigns? Is your newsfeed flooded with articles about Aziz Ansari and what it means to talk about bad sexual encounters? Are you interested in supporting conversations on campus about the sexual culture at Cornell and ways to move sexual violence prevention efforts forward? Join the Beyond Consent Collaboration (BC²)!

BC² is a group of students and staff working on sexual violence prevention at Cornell. BC² is designed for student leaders at Cornell to gain foundational knowledge of sexual violence prevention theory and practice, connect with staff at Cornell who support work in this area, and develop a strong network that will establish a critical mass of students to attend to the on-going risk of sexual and dating violence and harassment on campus. Students will work on one or more concrete projects that positively impact the sexual climate on campus and aim to reduce sexual violence at Cornell. Staff involved with BC² will have the opportunity to draw on students’ expertise about the sexual culture at Cornell and learn about student initiatives to reduce sexual violence and create a more positive sexual culture on campus. Students and staff will have the chance to mutually create new sexual violence prevention initiatives and form lasting relationships and support networks for doing this important work on campus.

BC² will meet on Mondays February 26th, March 19th, and April 16th from 4:30-6:00pm.

Benefits of Joining BC²

• Help shape sexual violence prevention efforts at Cornell.
• Meet committed students and staff and create a lasting professional network.
• Advance professional career goals or personal aspirations through BC² meetings and projects.
• Add a professional volunteer position to your resume.
• Gain professional staff references for future volunteer or job opportunities.
• Have the potential to give an overview of your project at a Coalition on Sexual Violence Prevention meeting.
• Present your finished project at an end of the semester showcase.

BC² Member Expectations

1. Attend monthly BC² meetings throughout the spring 2018 semester.
2. Work on a specific project (see page 2) or prevention initiative during the spring of 2018 and present your finished project or ongoing initiative at a project showcase in May, 2018.
3. Commit one-two hours per week to BC² meetings and/or projects.

Spring 2018 Projects

“How to Support a Friend” Video Project:
Work closely with staff to develop, film, and distribute a short film about how to best support a friend who has experienced sexual violence.

Media Campaign Project:
In partnership with staff, develop one or more media campaigns (such as It’s On Us) to bring awareness to sexual violence and/or relationship violence prevention information and efforts on campus. For example, host a t-shirt making event where everyone creates a shirt with a prevention or awareness message to wear around campus.

“Flirting 101” Brochure Project:
With the support of staff, design and develop a funny and positive “flirting 101” guide to distribute to Cornell students with suggestions of ways to respectfully get their flirt on.

Develop and craft written responses or commentaries related to articles, editorials or reports on sexual violence, dating or domestic violence, stalking and other related concerns on campus (e.g. For The Daily Sun, Cornell Chronicle, media and online postings).

Student-Driven Initiatives:
Have your own great ideas for projects? We want to hear them!

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