Master Planning Priorities
The Board of Education is facing fundamental decisions that will steer the direction of master plan implementation and the future of learning for Park City students. While there are a substantial number of competing considerations that will impact implementation, the Board of Education would like to hear from YOU on the priorities and tradeoffs as the Board considers meeting the community’s vision for education. What are your priorities? Review all 10 priorities and then rank your priorities, with 1 being the most important and 10 the least important. PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT RANKINGS. if you give one priority a 1 you cannot give another priority a 1.

Timeline: Move 9th Grade to Park City High as soon as possible.
Cost vs. Goals: Focus on minimizing costs even if it means sacrificing some community consensus items.
Goals vs. Cost: Consider all potential financing options to fund projects that meet the master plan goals.
Traditional vs. Flexible: Focus on maintaining the existing/traditional learning environments vs. adaptable learning environments.
Flexible vs. Traditional: As part of new construction, create new and/or modify existing facilities that are adaptable for the future of learning and growth.
Disruption to Learning Environment: District expansion should be delivered via new construction to minimize disruption at existing schools.
School Location: Focus on doing whatever it takes to maintain current locations vs. new construction on new sites.
School Size: Focus on minimizing school size even if it means additional new facilities will be needed.
Educational Programming: Focus on expanding capacity to maintain current programming options vs. cutting programs to fit students in a smaller space.
Early Childhood Learning Expansion: Push community partnerships to explore all options and help determine a solution for neighborhood vs. centralized services.
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