Northern Pride Online 2.1 - Drag Application

Thank you for applying to join us for Northern Pride Online 2.1. We're incredibly excited to showcase some of our amazing north east drag talent.

To ensure we elevate our Pride Online content, we are working with the award winning team at ISG, who are bringing some brilliant talent to help produce an 8 hour broadcast that will be beamed to TV screens, laptops, mobiles, big screens, offices, bars, beer gardens and even restaurants!

Drag has always had an amazing ability to breach the boundaries of entertainment and political messaging, this couldn't be more important, now more than ever, so we'd love for you to consider that in your application. We will be trying our best to ensure that our event is not only entertaining but keeps the heart of pride alive and we know you can help us do that.

We know its been an incredibly tough time due to the pandemic and we hope that performing for the LGBQ+ community with Northern Pride will be something to look forward to, and as it's all pre recorded, the hardest decision will be where to watch your performance, and who with!

We're pleased to also confirm that successful applications will be paid £90 for their involvement in Pride Online.

Thanks again for applying, we look forward to reading your application and seeing your performances to date.

Northern Pride and the Be Scene team.

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