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Style Elevation is an online program that incorporates self-directed learning, coaching and a supportive community to enable you to completely redesign your style to be seen as the distinctive woman you are.

This application form is the first step to join Style Elevation.

I'll ask you a few questions here to confirm that it looks likely you will have a great styling experience from this program. If there's a good fit I'll invite you to join the program. If not, I'll recommend your best next steps :)

If you're not quite ready to complete this form, you can meet me over at my YouTube channel or find out more at my About page.

I look forward to receiving your application.


Nina Fountain
Personal Stylist
Colour Consultant
Creator of the Style Synergy Types
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Next, you will hear from me within the next 24 -36 hours to respond to your form.

Congratulations on taking the first step to style that shows you in your best light.

Nina Fountain
Personal Stylist
Colour Consultant
Creator of the Style Synergy Types
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