[From Rohanian to an Artist]
Greentings Rohanians,

Here comes a new and exciting community Event!
This one will test your mouse accuracy as well as your creativity.

As you may know, Zeitgeist is a big fella. His hunger is ginormous as he is.
What we need you to do is to draw what might be his favorite food.

Draw whatever you think can be his favorite:
Hamburgers, Peanut butter and jelly, Dhans, dragons or whatever you might imagine!

[How to participate]

Just click the link below and you will find a picture of this mighty and hungry monster!
Then draw it as you wish, you can ONLY use the tools available in this platform.

🎨Link to draw: http://rohanpaint.is-great.net/

After you are finished, click on [Get image URL], copy the link and please fill out the following DOC and send us your work.


Our Team will choose the best 5 works and they will receive the following rewards:
🔥 1x Lightweight 48 slot bag (30 Days)
🔥 1x 100 000 IP Ticket
🔥 1x Enhancement Ticket +12
🔥 1x Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

Participation rewards:
⭐ 1x Adventurer EXP Pouch(Ultimate)

*The Event will start on May 24 until May 27.
*One account PER PLAYER
* Multiple account will reduce your chances of winning.

More Power! Love Rohan
Best regards
R.O.H.A.N.: Blood Feud Team
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