Online Survey - About open science
This is Kathy Kwan, a US medical librarian on a Fulbright Specialist grant to Taiwan, hosted by the NTU Medical Library. Open science is a global movement which strives to improve scientific research via sharing and access of research publications and associated data, in order to encourage collaboration, speed up innovation and improve transparency to improve the reproducibility in biomedical research. The primary goal of my project is to investigate the state of open science in biomedical research at Taiwan, and explore the possibilities to promote open science further in Taiwan.

Survey goal: to gain insights on the state of open science in the biomedical research field in Taiwan.

For the purpose of this survey, open science is defined as

“public access (i.e., no charge for access beyond the cost of an internet connection) to scholarly articles resulting from research projects, the data that support the results contained in those articles, computer code, algorithms, and other digital products of publicly funded scientific research, so that the products of this research are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR), with limited exceptions for privacy, proprietary business claims, and national security.”

National Academy of Science Board on Research Data and Information


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