/r/MildlyInteresting Moderator Application
Last Updated: 08/03/2019
Welcome to the moderator application for /r/mildlyinteresting! This is a long application, and one that requires significant amounts of detail. Please take your time and answer each one sincerely.

What do we look for in applicants?
- Users who understand the subreddit and how things generally work around here.
- Users who can follow directions.
- Users who can see different perspectives.
- Users who are eager to learn, and are not afraid to make mistakes.
- Users who will be committed to the team.
- Users who are capable of occasionally handling disturbing images and text.
- Account age of 6 months or more.

What do we expect from our moderators?
- To actively contribute to the subreddit.
- To handle situations professionally.

Other information:
- We are no longer using rolling moderator applications.
- Discord will no longer be an option to contact us regarding the application.

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