Charlie Glickman's Accountability Process - Story Collection Form
In September of 2016, Charlie Glickman wrote a blog post and a series of Facebook posts in which he attempted to justify, explain, and excuse the emotionally abusive behavior he engaged in over the previous two years with one of his partners. When friends and people on Facebook called him out on it, he acted out at them and doubled down on his excuses. Many people found his actions hurtful and/or triggering.

Before, during, and after this time, Charlie also interacted with folks in some problematic ways, including (but not limited to): verbally dominating conversations and aggressively trying to get others to validate his beliefs or perspective, unwanted or inappropriate flirting and sexual attention, and disclosing information about his former partner in order to convince people to agree with what he was saying and doing.

If this story and situation is unfamiliar to you, you can find more information here: {{LINK TO THE PUBLIC STATEMENT}}

As members of Charlie's accountability and support pod (a group of people dedicated to helping Charlie and the people impacted by his actions), we have created this form so you can share personal stories of ways in which Charlie has harmed you, as well as concerns you have about him or grievances you have with him. We invite you to share whatever feels relevant or important about your experiences with Charlie, including any incidents or behavioral patterns that are abusive, unhealthy, uncomfortable, and/or problematic if analyzed through a lens of power/privilege.

We believe that silence is not helpful if Charlie is to grow and change, and if our community is to heal. We want to ensure that true accountability takes place, rather than the performance of accountability. Transparency and honesty is the foundation for that.

Responses to this survey will help:

1. Create opportunities for people to share their stories and be witnessed.
2. Guide Charlie's accountability process with a deep awareness of the effects of his actions.
3. Create a safer space for others to come forward with their own experiences by providing a confidential reporting process that respects respondents' express consent.

We have created this Google Form as a method of confidentially collecting narratives. The only people who will see the raw responses are Bee Buehring and Rachel Drake, two members of Charlie's accountability pod. You can select the degree to which you want your story shared with the rest of the pod, with Charlie, or with the public. And you can answer any of the questions in as much or as little detail as you prefer. No information of any kind shared through this form will be passed along to any third party without your express, affirmative consent.

This form is comprised of three sections. The headings for each section further detail our approach to handling the narratives we collect and our commitment to respecting your personal agency in this process.

We will keep this form open for at least six weeks, at which point, the pod will start to look for patterns and information in the collected narratives to develop a list of accountability requests and next steps.

No information of any kind shared through this form will be passed along to any third party without the express, affirmative consent of the participant. The form's responses are treated with the same security and care as confidential client communication.
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