Student Scheduling Survey (Upcoming 2020-2021 School Year)
Dear High School of Commerce Students,

As part of the planning of next year's schedule, please complete this survey to indicate your preference in elective course offerings.


School Counselors
(Mrs. De Jesus, Ms. Drummer & Ms. Foresi)

While this survey provides an opportunity for students to express their interests it does not guarantee availability of their first choice.

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Electives Choices Directions
Please scroll the list to the right to view all available electives for the upcoming year. Then, rank your top-five choices by clicking on the appropriate checkbox under the course name. Placements will be based on preference, but your preference doesn't guarantee a spot in the class.

en espanol:
Desplácese por la lista hacia la derecha para ver todas las asignaturas optativas disponibles para el próximo año. Luego, clasifique sus cinco opciones principales haciendo clic en la casilla correspondiente debajo del nombre del curso. Las ubicaciones se basarán en la preferencia, pero su preferencia no garantiza un lugar en la clase.
Please read and follow the directions above to complete this section. / Lea y siga las instrucciones anteriores para completar esta sección. *
Foundations of Art 1
Foundations of Art 2
Graphic Design
Drama: Acting Technique
Drama: Theater & Film Writing
Drama: Theater for Social Justice
Music: Beginning Songwriting
Music: Protest Music Through the Ages
Music: Beginning Vocal Technique
Latin American History
Social Justice
Civil Law
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2nd Choice
3rd Choice
4th Choice
5th Choice
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