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What is its purpose? If you can, list some goals in order of importance.
How will you judge if the video is a success?
Pretend it's six months after the project has been completed and describe what you'd like the results to be.
When does the project need to be ready?
Tell us a date (if you have one), and if this is a firm deadline, or a general wish.
What is your budget range?
Please note, telling us your budget helps us to give you an appropriate proposal. It doesn't influence our prices in any way. If you have an idea for a project but don't know how much your idea's going to cost to create, we can help you to determine that.
Tell us about the selection process.
How many companies are you asking for quotes / proposals? Are you looking for a rough ballpark figure or a firm quote? How ready are you for us to start?
Describe the look and feel of the finished site or video.
Are there specific colors or logos that should be used? Are there other videos/films that have the look or feel you want (even if they don't have anything to do with your project)?
Describe the project's audience.
What action you want them to take after or during their exposure to the finished product?
Describe the Video's content and structure.
We realize this might be difficult if you are not a writer. Bullet points are fine. Would you like to use a professional writer? Do you plan on being on screen talent or is there someone you have in mind for on screen talent? Would you like to hire a professional actor or voice over artist? Describe the style of music you would like to use, if any. Describe any animation or graphic elements. Do you have any artwork or samples that you do like? Do you have a web site where this video will play? Do you plan on using this video on youtube and other social network sites? Do you need to have this video on DVD?
Is there anything we haven't asked that we should know?
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