How to BE Presidential Confidential Questionnaire
The upcoming ExecuProv class is planned according to each participant's needs. Therefore, those areas covered with regard to presentation skills and overall communication techniques will be determined by your input. Please complete this questionnaire and submit by clicking the 'Submit' button below as soon as possible. Thank you.
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1) In what settings or scenarios do you find yourself having to be presidential? *
2) Are you currently in a management position? If so, please describe your managerial duties (other than what you mentioned in the job description above). *
3) What are your biggest concerns (weaknesses) about being "presidential"? *
4) What are your least concerns (strengths) about being "presidential"? *
5) How do you view yourself in a "presidential" role? *
6) How do you think others perceive you in a "presidential" role? *
7) What, if any, aspirations do you have for advancing in your current career or your future "dream job"? *
8) What do you hope to gain from taking this class? *
9) Please list any other information that will help the ExecuProv instructor address your "presidential" needs and interests. *
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