Registrar's Office: Frontline Service Clientele Satisfaction Survey
Dear Students/Clients,

Thank you for taking 5-minute of your time to evaluate the frontline services in our University. Your feedback will be very valuable in improving the quality of our services. Please be honest. Responses will only be reported in the aggregate and your responses will be anonymous.

Again, Salamat.

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Registrar's Office Reliability 1: Willingly assists me in my inquiries *
Registrar's Office Service Reliability 2: Handles my transaction orderly and smoothly without disruption *
Registrar's Office Service Reliability 3: Follows a clear and consistent procedures which guides me on what to do *
Registrar's Office Service Reliability 4: Immediately attends to my complaints and/or needs *
Registrar's Office Service Reliability 5: Quickly remedy any defects in the transaction *
Registrar's Office Customer Relations 6: Treats me with respect, courtesy *
Registrar's Office Customer Relations 7: Promptly and completely answers my concerns *
Registrar's Office Customer Relations 8: Provides direction and guides me *
Registrar's Office Customer Relations 9: Treats students/clients equally and fairly *
Registrar's Office Processing Time 10: Procedures for processing do not delay transaction *
Registrar's Office Processing Time 11: Responds promptly to my needs before personal needs *
Registrar's Office Processing Time 12: Handles interruption effectively to avoid delayed transaction. *
Registrar's Office Processing Time 13: How long did you wait before being accommodated by the Staff? *
Registrar's Office Tangibility 14: The waiting area's comfort level provided to the clients is *
Registrar's Office Tangibility 15: The waiting facility is *
Registrar's Office Tangibility 16: The Employees/Staff are well-groomed and neatly dressed. *
Registrar's Office Tangibility 17: How would you rate your over-all experience with our services? *
Registrar's Office Services 18: Comments, Questions or Concerns
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