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This only needs to be completed for Spearhead. All other programs have a set schedule for activities.
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Winter Camping Experience
Describe your group’s winter camping experience. What previous trips have you been on? Is everyone on the same level.
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Spearhead crews can camp close or far from the main building. If you are in a Spearhead crew select the option that fits your crew.  Survival Adventure participants will all camp at least 1/2 mile away from the main building. If in the Survival Adventure select either 1/2 Mile or 1 Mile or more.
Activity Ranking
From the list below choose your top 6 activities and rank them below. If everyone in your crew is working well together you will have time for 5 hours of activity to schedule. Be mindful of time requirements when ranking your choices.

Cross Country Skiing (1 hour): Explore the woods on cross-country skis! Learn how to ski and enjoy the winter scenery.

Ice Climbing (1 hour): Using ice axes and crampons climbing up our simulated ice wall at the climbing tower!

2 Meter Kites (1 hour): Learn how to use a kite, like those used by explorers to traverse Greenland or Antarctica. This activity is wind dependent.

Nature Hike (1 hour): Learn more about the winter ecology. Learn which plants and animals are around and explore winter Leave no Trace Values. Pairs well with snow shoes!

Team Building (1 hour): Play initiative games and grow more as a team

Tubing (1 hour): Slide down our tubing hill.

Orienteering (1 hour): Use a map and compass to explore camp.

Snow Sports Merit Badge (3 hours): earn snow sports merit badge on cross country skis. This option will require you to camp in a remote campsite 1 mile away from base.

Parachute/Tarp Shelter (1 hour): These shelters are quick to put up and fit 4-8 people in them.

Snow Shelter (2 hours): Snow shelters like quinzhees take time to build and dig out. Choosing to build a full snow shelter will cut into time to do other activities.

Escape Room (1 hour): Work as a group to find your way through this outside puzzle.  (North Wind Only)

Fat Tire Biking (1 hour): Go on a bike ride around camp on fat tire bikes (North Wind Only)
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Every crew is different. If there is an activity you'd like to do that isn't listed above write it here. If your group just wants to make snow shelters and build structures all day let us know here.
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