GLP 2018-2019 World Language Teacher Professional Development Series Application
Thank you for applying to join Deepening Discourse: Language, Learning, and Leadership.

Please note that the last step requires you to email your resume. Please sure that you have your resume readily accessible before you start the application.

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Deepening Discourse: Language, Learning, and Leadership
Please describe your experience so far with professional development. Have you enjoyed it? What has been the best professional development experience so far in your career? The worst? *
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Why are you interested in participating in Global Language Project's, world language teacher professional development series? Be as detailed as possible. *
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Below are the list of planned activities and dates for the 2018-2019 Deepening Discourse Program. Are there any that you know now that you CANNOT attend? Please check the box only if you know that you CANNOT attend. *
GLP often seeks teachers and their students to help with our fundraising events in ways such as having students perform a song in the target language or write letters or cards in the target language to donors. Are you interested in being involved in these activities? *
The workshop sessions in this series are each held at a different school. Workshop dates can be changed to accommodate a school's schedule. Is your school able to donate space to host a Deepening Discourse workshop? *
How large is the foreign language department in your school?
Are you a member of a world language education professional association? *
I confirm that my supervisor gives me permission to attend the PD sessions on all of the dates listed above. *
There is a $500 fee to participate in this year-long program. Methods of payment accepted are purchase order, check, and Eventbrite payment. How do you intend to pay? *
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